Legacy Presets


23 individual Lightroom Presets designed to make your concert photos glow.

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I’m happy to re-introduce the LEGACY PRESET PACK, bringing you the original Adobe Lightroom presets that helped my work stand out among a sea of music photographers.

What’s inside is 23 individual Lightroom Presets that my job and sanity relied on while in dingy green rooms around the world at 1:00 am after the show was done and I was marathon editing 2,000 photos.

Working for years as a professional tour photographer with artists like Billie Eilish, Thirty Seconds to Mars, All Time Low and more, I have always strived to make my work stand out and represent a distinct style that gets me hired for gigs.

These 4 packs of presets were my bread and butter from 2015-2018 as I honed in an aesthetic of organic, film-inspired colors, tones and textures and brought it into the world of concert photography.

These looks aren’t lightweight subtle touches; they’re stylized, gritty, and modern built to transform your work and take it to a different reality.

These are not your run of the mill soft film-stock looks to toss on wedding photos, but if you’re a concert photographer, you understand that post-processing that seems insane on a landscape photo can be a perfect look on a concert image.


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